We Are Luxury

We Are Luxury

Here at enVus Motorsports we strive to be as exclusive as the cars that we offer. Having the best cars in the game can only be accompanied by providing the best of service.

We are committed to making your vision of driving a luxury sports car everything you hoped for and more, which is why we value our customer service as well as your safety behind the wheel. That being said, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have before reserving your car. Go on- ask away, book your car and get ready to make your friends enVus!

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Living out your vision of driving a luxury sports car should come with high expectations. From a spotless interior and exterior to a finely tuned motor, your car should look and feel like a million bucks. With enVus you can go ahead and check quality off of your list.


Before you sign any kind of contract, it’s important to know exactly what it is that you are paying for.  Your satisfaction and safety is upon our utmost concern, which is why enVus will ensure that we make everything in our contracts transparent for you.


It’s more than just a luxury car rental. Whether you’re in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego or any of the surrounding areas, we want for you to have a memorable experience.  Feel and see the city like never before behind the wheel of an exotic, luxury sports car. Roll down the windows, turn up the radio and enjoy.


Although most luxury cars come with the latest high- tech safety features and parts, our number one concern is the safety of our drivers. We highly suggest that you ask questions about the car and how it handles before making a final decision. Not one question is an un-important question. We are here to serve you and are happy to answer to your every concern.


Whether it’s a Ferrari, Lamborgini or Audi R8, know that you will be driving the best in the game. Once you step into one of our cars, take a seat and feel its comfort, you will know what luxury is all about.


Planning a trip soon?  How does a Lamborgini waiting for you as you step out of the busy terminal sound? As you may know, you’re going to spend a lot of time on the road if you want to explore the whole city. If you’re going to spend your vacation driving, why not enjoy it? Let enVus arrange the drop off and pick up of your car with no hassle on your end, convenient indeed.

Luxury car rental in Los Angeles, Orange County & San Diego: spend your night on the town in style.

How many times have we fantasized about being the person walking out of the back seat of a luxury car that just drove up to the hottest event in town?  We tend to ask ourselves how it would feel to arrive somewhere in style, not only in style but in a work of art. For most of us the idea of owning a luxury car is out of the picture; well I’m here to tell you that luxury is no longer only for the one percent. Now you can paint the town red in one of our exotic cars without having the hassle of a hefty monthly payment.

why settle with an ordinary car when you can find luxury cars for rent in a city near you?

Whether you’re going out with your friends, attending an important event, or want something special for your wedding night, you can always go extravagant with a luxury rental car in Los Angeles, San Diego or Orange county. Thanks to our services, these types of luxuries are something that everyone can afford – you don’t need to own one, you just need to find the right company that has the options you’re looking for.

It’s time to stop envying. You too can experience this luxurious lifestyle, and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. In addition to weddings and special events, these luxury cars in Los Angeles can be used any day! Do you want to take a tour of the city all while turning some heads? Maybe you wanted to drive some friends to the mall and get the red carpet treatment. These LA/ OC/ SD Luxury car rentals will make the impossible possible for you!  (Jose- I think this section is great)

  • Exotic car rental- Orange County

Cruise around in the sunny OC with the most exclusive and luxurious cars in the market.  It’s never the wrong time to reserve one of these bad boys. Whether it’s for a special occasion or for an average day, there are times when all we want is to seek the thrill. Now a day’s it’s no longer necessary to purchase a $500,000 car when you can rent one for much less.  Have it be for a day, a weekend or an entire week, we’ve made it possible to have the most exotic and luxurious cars available whenever you need them and without the hassle.


Audi R8 Spyder

Fully loaded with a V10 535HP motor and a convertible top, this car will get you from a dead stop to 60mph in only 3.5 seconds. The Spyder’s four-wheel drive allows you to hug every corner and it is secure enough to withstand snow and rain, along with any other whether that gets in the way of your fun. This legendary supercar that retails for $175,000 can be in your control for much, much less. Hard to resist, isn’t it?

Bentley continental GT

Talk about extravagance, the Bentley Continental GT gives you the best relationship of lush and power all in one beautiful creation. The twin turbo W12 comes with 550HP and retails for $ 175,000. The best in luxury, style and speed that is equally good on the streets of the inner city as it is on the open highway. The continental is equipped with a suspension that is adjustable and can be set to skim over bad road and later modified to give you the performance of a super sports car. Picture this beauty gliding you through the streets without tribulation of bumps on the road. Just you, the open wind and outstanding interior that makes you feel sexy all round, oh yeah!

Ferrari California

This sexy ride comes with a V8 engine and rattles up a hard core 460HP. It has a top speed of just over 190 mph and can go from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. If that wasn’t enough, the California is conveniently equipped with a convertible hard-top making this slick rick able to go from night to day in seconds. Getting your hands on this beauty will outright cost you a cool $230,000- but not with us of course. For a price that’s more than affordable you can be riding along the shore or cruising up the mountains experiencing California driving at its best.

Maserati GranCabrio
If you are looking to be instantly recognized as someone who is set apart and above the crowd, this is a perfect choice. Maserati is instantly recognized as a car of distinction in a league of its own. The V8 4.7L 433HP convertible retails at over $140,000. This car has renowned comfort and speed wrapped up in one package. It has a six speed automatic that is shiftable and can reach a top speed of 175mph. What more can you say, it’s a Maserati.

Bentley Continental GTC
This Bentley is an even more luxurious choice than the one mentioned earlier. This fine ride retails for over $200,000, but like all the rides in this article, can be had for a day or a week for considerably less. The figures tell the story, It comes with a convertible top and a twin turbo charged 550HP rocket to move that luxurious massive weight from 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds. This ride will be as comfortable in heavy city traffic as it is on the open highways. An extraordinary stereo and its unique adjustable suspension with four modes for your every whim are just a few of the benefits of this GTC. Choose the comfort mode when you encounter rough roads and when the lane is clear and you are ready to charge the way at super speeds, then switch to sports mode.

Ferrari F430 Spider
If you love sports cars, then it will be hard to resist this V8 convertible with 490HP. This car retails for $280,000. From the time you start this car, you will know it is sport to the T.  The F430 Spider’s all-aluminium bodywork and chassis have been carefully strengthened, to guarantee both occupant safety and the structural rigidity demanded by a car of such high performance. The sound of the motor is something that pro race car drivers would be envious of. The curves of the car will bring tears to your eyes and make your heart skip a few beats. If you are ready to be the center of attention this is a perfect choice. To describe the perfection of this car is difficult as words fail to do an adequate job. Just rent it and you will see what we mean.

Lamborghini Aventado
Many consider Lamborghini the ultimate street legal race car. It is more like a rocket with a steering wheel. This car comes with a V12 and a whopping 691HP and it retails for over $410,000. This car is among the most recent of the extremely powerful cars by this maker. This maker is well known for taking street legal racers to the extreme and this car continues that tradition. Everything you could imagine wanting in such a car is taken to its farthest extreme with the Aventado. The rumble of the motor when you start it up, the power and its awesome looks all scream, “I am the biggest, baddest machine”. This ride will get you from 0 to 60 in under, yes, under 3 seconds.

Porche 911 Carrera

For many, this is the car that people dream of driving, but luckily for you, the dream is real. This convertible has a 3.4L 350HP brunt force motor to get you where you want to go, fast. This Porche retails for $114,000, it takes you from 0 to 60 in a cool 4.5 seconds and reaches top speeds in excess of 175mph!  A widely held belief about motorsport is that power is the only thing that matters. From experience, we know better. Extra horsepower alone has never been enough to win a single race, which is why (along with its outstanding power) this car is fully loaded with efficiency enhancing measures such as: auto start/stop function, thermal managements and electrical system recuperation.  This really is a car made for enthusiasts.

Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG
It would not be a complete list of exotic car rentals if we did not include Mercedes special blend of luxury and power. This convertible comes with a V8 6.2L 518HP engine that provides that potent blend of comfort and speed in one package. There is a lot that could be said for this car, it is terrific. You will find that many makers will choose significant compromises when trying to combine the elements of fine luxury together with the speed, agility and fine handling required of a sports car. But for many, this Benz is the perfect blend with no point of compromise. It is sporty enough to compete successfully against rivals such as the 911, and luxurious enough to get an enthusiastic thumbs up by those wanting ultimate luxury. With a 0 to 60 time of 4.2 seconds, it beats out the Porche 911 in this category and reaches top speeds of close to 160mph. If you were to buy it retail, it runs $135,000, but look no further and try it out whenever you feel convenient with our off the wall offer.

What Do I Need To Know When Renting An Exotic Car In Orange County?

First, you want to look around and find a luxury car rental in Los Angeles or Orange County that can provide great service and not just a great car. Good service will include being able to deliver the car in a timely manner to wherever you need it to be including: the airport, your office, home or event location. When you are renting a special car for a special occasion you will want to know that you can expect the car to arrive on time.

Most exotic car rentals in Orange County will have a 2 hour window, so you should be prepared for this. If the rental company has a good reputation, then they will generally deliver the car near the beginning of the window as often as possible. One thing that we are all aware of is that California traffic and other events can at times cause a delay, and for this reason most companies will have a window of 2 hours to compensate for these issues.

There are many people who dream of owning or at least driving the most exotic cars made. While it is not in everyone’s cards to own a luxurious and exotic car, it is with-in many people’s ability to experience the thrill and enjoyment of driving the perfect car for a day or a weekend or even for an entire week. Ownership requires high insurance, luxury taxes, storage and other cost beyond the extreme cost of purchase. Renting one of our cars will conveniently allow you pay only for the time you use it without the other cost or concerns.

These cars do require that you are at least 21 years of age and you will need to have full coverage car insurance. You will be required to receive the car and the keys yourself. You cannot have someone else receive the car on your behalf. Most quality car rentals require their staff to hand the keys only to the designated driver. The insurance required is full coverage meaning it must cover collision, liability and comprehensive.

What If I Drive A VW Beatle, Is My Insurance Coverage Enough?

Regardless of the car you drive, if your coverage includes collision and comprehensive, then it is sufficient to drive any rental regardless of how exotic or expensive it is. Just imagine that you were in your usual car and accidentally hit a Bentley, your insurance would cover the expenses. In the same way, if you rent a Bentley, your full coverage insurance will cover you should an accident occur.

If you have an American Express Card you have an additional protection available when renting a car. This card company has something called “Premium Car Rental Protection”. When you rent a luxury or exotic car it allows you to get this coverage in addition to your regular insurance policy. It simply offers you peace of mind, knowing you are covered well.

If for some reason, neither of the above options are available to you, there are companies that can provide the temporary coverage you need. You can ask our customer service department to direct you to these services and we will be happy to do so.
What If I Am A Foreigner Visiting From Another Country?

If you have a valid driver’s license from your country and a valid passport then quality car rental services can help you arrange proper coverage. This will often require that you rent the car for a minimum of 2 days or more for this coverage. You should be aware that those who are not residents of the U.S. and do not have usual car insurance here will be required to make a larger deposit than those who are residents with proper insurance. The amount of the deposit will vary and is dependent on the car, but can range from $5,000 to $15,000 dollars.

Can I Have More Than One Driver Listed To Drive

You can have other drivers as long as you understand that they must meet the same criteria as you and they must all be physically present at the time the car is delivered to your location. Any driver who is not present will not be eligible to drive, even if all other requirements are met.

How Much Of A Deposit Is Required?

The amount of the deposit depends on the car being rented and other factors such as whether you are a U.S. resident or an international visitor. The prices can range from a low of around $500 up to about $25,000. Despite this wide range, the typical deposit is $1,000 to $5,000. If the car is returned on time and in the same condition as it was received, the entire deposit will be fully refunded.

Can I Cancel My Rental Reservation?

Exotic car rentals are in high demand in Orange County and for this reason you are only given 24 hours from the time you make your reservation, to when you can cancel or change it. The exception to this is if you were to reserve with only 7 days or less and in that case then you would usually not be able to cancel once the reservation is made.

What If The Weather Is Bad And I Can’t Drive On The Days I Rented The Car?

As much as a quality car rental service would like to be able to control the weather to ensure their customers have an enjoyable day for driving, this is simply not possible. That said, upon the circumstance we will offer at your discretion, the possibility of extending your rental an additional day if the weather was dangerous to drive in such as ice or a hurricane, etc.

Is It Ok To Pay Cash?

For most things cash is great, but for renting exotic cars the preferred method to pay rental fees and deposits is by American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa. It is possible in some cases that a cashier’s check will be acceptable, but as it would be an exception to the normal method it would require making prior arrangements to ensure it is acceptable.

All in all, renting and exotic car is a great way to enjoy your time in Orange County and throughout California. You are usually given 100 miles a day as part of your rental, so happy driving.

3) The Best Luxury Car Rental Businesses In Orange County

If you’re looking to cruise around, for example, Anaheim, Newport Beach or Dana Point, you absolutely want to consider renting a car from the #1 luxury car rental agency in Orange County for your stay. Exotic car rentals can be expensive depending upon the type of vehicle that you rent, but with enVus you are guaranteed to save money. One of the benefits of renting a luxury car in the Orange County area is that you have quite a few different businesses that offer rentals, all of which have competitive pricing and offers. There are ways to find which company best suites you by searching the web for customer reviews and rankings. We encourage you to look up our page and see for yourself why enVus motorsports is your go to shop for the best experience. At enVus you are guaranteed to find the best luxury car rental experience in Orange County by helping you to secure the vehicle that you really want to drive at the lowest possible price.


Best Exotic Car Rentals Orange County CA

Different Types Of Luxury Cars

There’s a variety of different luxury cars that you can rent in our vast warehouse. You can get an idea of what is available by visiting our web page or by calling our office directly. Our site is easy to use, and ensures that you get well informed before you making your decision. In our site you will find how much each car is actually valued at, and then of course the details and pricing along with plenty of pictures for the extra eye candy. Among our extravagant collection, some of our more popular cars include the Audi R8 Spider which is a 525 hp V-10 convertible. This vehicle is valued at just under $200,000 and is one of the most stylish cars available. The Bentley Continental GTC is even more valuable, primarily because of the name and the fact that it has a 550 Horsepower Twin Turbo w12 engine. If you truly enjoy going fast in first class, this is something that you might want to consider. Oh! Just a little secret, these beauties go out the door faster than a blank of an eye, don’t miss your turn, call us now and find out if it’s available- trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

On The Web

The first strategy that most people use, primarily because everyone has Internet connection on their computer, or on their smart phone, is to search the web for “Orange County luxury car rental companies”. You will see that our site is one of the top rated pages which have different vehicles that are available for rent in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas. For instance, the Ferrari California, Lamborghini Aventador and Porsche 911 Carrera are all available in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. So whether you are in Fullerton, San Clemente, Downtown LA or even Laguna Beach, there will be a dealership or rental facility that you can quickly travel to and get the car of your choice.

Orange County CA Luxury Car Rentals

Choosing The Right Company

By having in stock a wide variety of exotic and luxury vehicles that will definitely provide you with plenty of choices, enVus is sure to accommodate your every need. Some people prefer vehicles that are extremely exotic like the T-Rex or perhaps something that is more down to earth, so to speak, like the Maserati Coupe. What sets our company apart from your regular car rental place is our customized selection of only the most thrilling, fast and top of the line cars, along with or customer service which makes you feel like you’ve known us for years prior. To prove it, you can do a quick search with the Better Business Bureau to see if people have filed complaints and you can also check social media to see the comments that people post about us. Were not lying, we want you to feel secure and confident when renting your car, so don’t worry your final choice is set with us.

Saving money with enVus Orange County Luxury Car Rentals

Orange County CA Ferrari Rentals

When renting a car, especially a luxury car, it’s important to do your research to make sure what you are getting yourself into. At enVus you don’t have to worry about any hidden per mile fees or after charges, the price that you are given is the price that you pay. When doing research on which company to rent your luxury car from, be on the lookout for Commercial Rental Fleet Insurance which is most commonly known as CRFI, by doing so you are covering all basis if forbid any accidents happen while driving. At enVus, we are proud to be affiliated with CRFI for full coverage on our every car and driver. One thing to keep in mind when renting exotic and luxurious cars is their overall cost. Because these luxury vehicles cost over $100,000, you are looking at several hundred or even as much as $1000 or so a day, depending upon the vehicle that you choose to drive.  Within various companies, some vehicles can be pricier than others, and that’s why it is important to shop around the internet to find the best fit for your needs. In addition to that comment, I urge you to consider that just because some companies have a very low price per day does not always mean that they have the right insurance coverage, and no hidden fees. With us here at enVus you can dust the worry off of your shoulders about the pickup and drop off fees, it’s important to us that you pay for the thrill of driving the car and not for miscellaneous charges.  To top it off, most other companies, because of the high demand of renting luxury cars, don’t offer any type of discount codes or deals, but, are you ready for this? Because we value the opinion and happiness of our clients, we do provide discounts on certain occasions. Our corporate multi car discount for example is a great way to make a statement in any place. A corporate dinner, each with their own car to bring their significant other in sounds lovely! Or keep your crew motivated by renting a few exotic cars to show them your appreciation for all of their hard work- now that is a boss worth being loyal to. Beyond the corporate only discounts, make sure to follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to watch out for our exclusive promo codes and much more.

Best Rides To Rent

Once you start scoping at the vehicles that are available and laying your eyes upon the cars which you have always wanted to drive, you will notice that at the top of the list of cars to consider is the top-of-the-line sports car ever created, which is called the Lamborghini. One of the most popular cars that rented from us is the Lamborghini Huracan which is priced at around $275,000. This coupe style vehicle has a V-10 600 hp engine that is able to go from 0 to 60 in just over three seconds. One of the reasons that people rent this particular vehicle is because of its top speed which reaches over 200 mph. If you are traveling by yourself, or even if you are bringing someone with you, this two seat vehicle is one of the most stylish cars you will ever drive, and is definitely well worth the money. If you are not going on a leisure trip, and you want something that is much more stylish, designed for business meetings that you will be participating in with clients that will be riding along, the Bentley Continental might be your car of choice. This sexy thing is priced at about $200,500, but holds up to 4 people comfortably in its plush seats with more than plenty of space to relax and do business. It really depends on the type of trip you are on, how long you are staying in the Orange County/ LA area, and how much money you have to spend. Once you have that in place, it’ll be easier to find the car that best suites you, then after you see which ones are available for rent that week, and reserve one as soon as you can.

Availability And Reservation

Due to the fact that enVus Motorsports vehicles rent out very quickly, it’s always a good idea to do your research a few days before you need the car/s. Many times, some of the most popular vehicles are rented out several months in advance, so our suggestion is that you start planning accordingly. Whether you are going to rent a Ferrari, Lamborghini . T-Rex or R8, the best way to get the exact car that you want on the exact dates that you want is to book in advance, put your deposit and secure you’re rental. As expected, some events come up last minute, don’t worry; our team at enVus will do our absolute best to accommodate your occasion. The best solution for last minute reservations is to simply  call us directly with all of your information at hand or to try your luck and visit our showroom so you can pick and go.

Best Orange County Luxury Car Rental Agency

If you follow the strategies that we have provided above, you’re guaranteed to be amazed with the rental of the Luxury vehicle that you want, at a price that is going to be affordable. The type of trip that you are going on, whether it is for business or pleasure, will have a lot to do with the choice of luxury car that you end up renting out. As a general rule, the faster the vehicle, or the more expensive the vehicle is based upon the company that manufactures it, the more you are going to pay. You can offset the cost somewhat by planning in advance as recommended, and also ensure that the car that you want to drive will be there once you get to the area. Whether you are starting your trip in Santa Monica, Pismo Beach, or in Irvine California, these strategies will allow you to get the exact exotic or luxury car that you need for the trip that you are planning to go on in the near future, making this special trip even more fun by getting one of the many luxury cars that are available as a rental.


4)T-Rex Motorcycle Rentals #1 Choice Nationwide

Are you a bold vacationer who loves motorcycles? If so, rent a Campagna T- Rex motorcycle to make your vacation one you’ll remember the rest of your life. If you’re an avid lover of motorcycles, yet enjoy the comfort provided by a four-wheeler, then the Campagna T-Rex is for you. To explain, the T-Rex is classified as a motorcycle that runs on three wheels. If that’s not enough reason to take one for a spin, the vehicle can accommodate a rider and passenger side by side without any issue.

Planning an adventurous date? We believe this little slice of luxury is just what you’re looking for. Frankly, it’s something all car buffs would love to ride at least once. As soon as the T-Rex was launched on the market, it became the talk of the town for motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe. Why? Because it provides a novel experience by combining the thrill of a motorcycle with the comfort of a luxury car.

Despite the Campagna T-Rex’s presence on every bike lover’s bucket list, the luxury vehicle is out of reach for most due to its hefty price-tag – it’s currently priced above $50,000- All the more reason to rent the T-Rex from a reputable car rental company, us!  Look, if you’re an avid motorcycle rider you’re going to want to get your hands on this vehicle at least once, and what better way to do so than by renting?

T-Rex Rental in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego

The Campagna T-Rex is a masterpiece. Though it’s best to see the T-Rex’s beauty in person, here are few features to give you an idea of what we mean: The motorcycle consists of a BMW six-cylinder engine of 1649CC. The sequential 6-speed transmission, electronically controlled custom-designed mechanical reverse gear, and the chain-driven rear wheel makes the motorcycle reliable and sturdy. Further, the cockpit seats two individuals including the rider.

But wait, there’s more: The T-Rex is ergonomically designed with a carbon fiber deflector. There are side by side adjustable seats allocated for two people, no doors. The seats are waterproof and made of quality leather. Finally, the open glove compartment, anti-skid pads, sporty steering wheel, and adjustable pedals are some of the salient features inside the cockpit.

Drooling yet?

What the T-Rex Offers

When we say the Campagna T-Rex has a lot to offer we mean it. Here are some of the standout features: A fully computerized, multifunction display instrument cluster is located inside the cockpit. There is an in-dash controller to navigate between the menus, which highlight important information such as ride selection, sound systems, and much more. The rear of the T-Rex includes dual shock suspension components for excellent cornering and a comfortable ride. In other words, it provides essential stability to the motorcycle. The front suspension includes unequal opposed triangular arms. All this is to guarantee the comfort and luxury of the passengers.

There are many safety features included in the Campagna T-Rex. To name a few: three-point safety belts, safety roll care, cross-drilled rotors located on all wheels, rigid tubular steel chassis, the high-mounted third braking light and the high illumination high-low headlights. These features have never been included in a motorcycle, until now. For this reason, the T-Rex is considered 100% safe even though it is classified as a motorcycle.


The T-Rex has a low center of gravity, which is why it’s easy to control. Furthermore, due to the BMW 6-cylinder engine, the bike is extremely powerful. This is why you should be well-experienced in riding in order to handle the T-Rex. After all, this three-wheeled beauty is formula inspired, so expect an electrifying ride.

The T-Rex’s exotic looks and speed will make for a once in a lifetime experience. Look, this is a memory you’ll reflect upon fondly for years to come, which is why you need to rent the Campagna T-Rex from enVus.

The T-Rex does about 30 mpg under favorable weather conditions. If that’s not a good enough reason to rent one, we don’t know what is. Moreover, the vehicle requires minimal maintenance; proper lubrication and periodical adjustments of the chain will do. Hence, it’s not difficult to maintain. Renting a T-Rex looks easy, but you have to make sure that you’re renting it from a reliable source. enVus has extensive experience in motorcycle rental services. We only employ expert technicians to maintain the motorcycles on a regular basis. In addition, we provide our clients with the best condition vehicles at all times. This is where we fair better than our competition. To explain, we employ expert technicians and sales staff to take care of every little detail of the customer. Our vehicles are serviced and maintained in their highest condition at all times. This is why you don’t have to think twice when renting a T-Rex from us.

Best T-Rex Rental Guaranteed

We see our favorable reviews as a reflection of our mission to always put the customer first. It’s simple: we guarantee the best service at all times. Renting a Campagna shouldn’t be a hassle, which is why you can reserve one through our website or over the phone.  At enVus ensuring the convenience of our customers comes first. Further, our down to earth and experienced staff is at your service to make the rental process as easy as possible. We want you to enjoy the entire experience, not just the ride.
We understand there are many luxury car rental services to choose from, but none of them will give you the amount of care and ease that we will. Our reward? Reading the unsolicited testimonials from happy and satisfied customers – you can read these on our website or social medial blog posts. We know that our business depends on customer satisfaction. We also know that we’re selling so much more than a rental, we’re selling a once in a lifetime experience. From the moment you visit our site to the moment you return the T-Rex, we’re 100% committed to your satisfaction.

Why are we so requested by with our clients? Because we take the time to listen to your needs and don’t offer empty promises. For example, if you reserve the T-Rex for a certain date and time, it’s our responsibility to deliver what you want when you want it; we never make promises we cannot uphold. Being honest and reliable is more than customer service, its integrity. As a result, enVus has earned an award-winning, highly acclaimed reputation in the luxury car rental business.

An incredible adventure awaits you when you decide to rent the Campagna T-Rex. Whether it’s for a few hours or a couple of days, the experience will be unlike anything else. We want you to remember your time riding a T-Rex for the rest of your life, which is why we dedicate all of our resources to making this a reality. Put simply, you’re gonna have a lot of fun.

You’d be hard pressed to find another motorcycle rental company that cares for their T-Rexs the way we do. Our vehicles are fully maintained in the highest possible condition. In fact, you can inspect the motorcycle and take a test ride before the contract is finalized. This way you can be certain the T-Rex is for you before paying any money. Look, this is a beautiful vehicle and a one of a kind experience. Odds are you’ll be looking for a T-Rex motorcycle for sale the moment you step off your rental.

There are a few important things to consider before renting a luxury car. First, the company should have a physical address and telephone number. Why? Because there are many fly-by-night rental companies in the area; most of them do not have an office or a physical address. Next, check to see if the company is registered with the local authority. Ask them if they possess the required license and insurance coverage. If they don’t possess these things then don’t hire them – odds are they’re untrustworthy. This is where we stand out from our competition. We operate from our own premises which you can physically visit and are financially stable. In other words, we’re a rental company you can trust.

Renting a luxury and exotic car should be done with the utmost care, especially when you plan to hire the new generation Campagna T-Rex. We are one of the most reliable and trustworthy rental services in the region. Contact us now to rent the latest Campagna T-Rex.